BackroomCastingCouch Charli – All I See Is Love

Backroom Casting Couch Charli All I See Is Love

BackroomCastingCouch Charli All I See Is Love

New update from BackroomCastingCouch is Charli in All I See Is Love.

All I See Is Love

Charismatic Charli is next up on the couch. Oooohiieee Charli is sexy, like just look at the way she walks in wearing those “Stunner shades” lol. Tall, tan, tight body.. she’s got it all going for her. So why not move on from tending bar and move up to the big leagues? She phones Rick when she arrives, she lets herself in, and we get to it with this hottie. She’s got a lotta fun stories about her sexual history, which is perfect. She’s been with girls, wants to be with more, not a crazy high body count, and new to anal, all wonderful stuff. She gives us a bit of pushback when it’s time to show off the goodies, but before she knows it she’s standing there naked showing us her asshole. Next, she’s happy to play with toys and use a butt plug. That’s all easy enough, but after that she certainly wasn’t expecting to put my dick him her mouth, yet in her mouth goes my dick. She gives some great head and I really like looking into those blue eyes while she’s slurping me. Apparently Aunt Flow was also in the vicinity again this week, though things weren’t crazy, we still popped over to the booty pretty quickly. She’s used toys in her ass before, but not a lot of actual dick in there. Even still she does a great job taking my cock, she’s a little hesitant about the ass to mouth, and a nice gape or two. I finish her off with a load in her ass, and we get a little bit of leakage. She’s still her smiley bubbly self back on the couch post anal creampie, we get her dressed and out the door. <3 Cam

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