FantasyMassage NuruMassage Athena Anderson & Elias Cash – Catching The Boss’s Wife

Nuru Massage Athena Anderson & Elias Cash Catching The Boss's Wife

NuruMassage Athena Anderson & Elias Cash Catching The Boss’s Wife

New update from NuruMassage is Athena Anderson & Elias Cash in Catching The Boss’s Wife.

Catching The Boss’s Wife
Athena Anderson & Elias Cash
NuruMassage / FantasyMassage

Elias Cash, a personal assistant, arrives at his boss’ home to pick up some work documents. He finds the door unlocked and enters the home. Elias is concerned when he hears unusual sounds coming from the living room. He follows the sounds, then is shocked at the sight of Athena Anderson, his boss’ wife, naked and on a mattress. Athena is surprised but then intrigued, as she tells Elias she needs someone to practice a new massage technique on. She asks Elias if she can practice doing a Nuru massage on HIM.

Elias is surprised, but nervously declines. Even though there are hints of him being aroused, he says that he needs to take the documents back to the office before his boss starts to wonder what’s taking so long. However, Athena becomes seductive, stroking his ego and saying that he works really hard for her husband, so he deserves a break. Elias hesitates at first, but is eventually swayed when Athena says she’ll put in a good word with her husband by saying she asked Elias to help her with a few things around the house. He agrees to get massaged, saying that he DOES deserve a break.

Elias gets undressed, and Athena gives him a sensual Nuru massage. Elias is a bit worried about how intimate it is, and is even more embarrassed with how much more aroused he becomes. Athena, becoming aroused herself, tells Elias that he doesn’t have to be embarrassed, and convinces him to have sex.

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