GirlsWay WebYoung Kira Noir & Freya Parker & Spencer Bradley – She’s So Cool!

Web Young Kira Noir & Freya Parker & Spencer Bradley She's So Cool!

WebYoung Kira Noir & Freya Parker & Spencer Bradley She’s So Cool!

New update from WebYoung is Kira Noir & Freya Parker & Spencer Bradley in She’s So Cool!.

She’s So Cool!
Kira Noir & Freya Parker & Spencer Bradley
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Two best friends, Spencer Bradley and Freya Parker, welcome their new neighbor Kira Noir to the neighborhood. The best friends seem impressed with Kira, especially her cool nose piercing. Kira invites them inside. As they talk, it is revealed that Kira lived in a big city before, where she did lots of amazing things. Spencer and Freya start to become self-conscious because their small town seems way less interesting, but Kira remains very nice to them. Spencer and Freya then find out that Kira is around the same age as them even though she’s more experienced and mature, which makes them even MORE self-conscious. But Kira is still very kind and invites them to a party she’ll be throwing soon, so they accept the invitation.

On the day of the party, Spencer and Freya decide to arrive early, thinking that they’ll seem cooler if they offer to help Kira to set up for the party. However, they show up so early that Kira is still in a towel, because she was just about to take a shower! The best friends are embarrassed, but Kira invites them inside. Spencer and Freya try to seem cooler again by showing that Freya got a nose piercing, but they become embarrassed once more when Kira can tell that the new ‘piercing’ on Freya is a fake one.

Spencer and Freya say their town doesn’t have many opportunities to try new things, and ask Kira for tips on how to be cooler. As they talk, they find out that Kira really came into herself once she realized she was a lesbian. Spencer and Freya are surprised and impressed, saying they’ve never met a lesbian before. Kira playfully tells them that might not be true, because a lot of ‘straight’ girls have changed their tune after spending some time with her! The best friends are curious and eager to try something new, so Kira leads them through their first lesbian encounter… and their first threesome. Now THAT’S cool!

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