Hentaied Mamahi Uttara – Transexperiments

Hentaied Mamahi Uttara Transexperiments

Hentaied Mamahi Uttara Transexperiments

New update from Hentaied is Mamahi Uttara in Transexperiments.

Mamahi Uttara is waiting for her friend, Eve to arrive. She is a bit late, but at least got Mamahi some coffee! They get in the car and start talking, but soon after Mamahi drinks the coffee, she is starting to feel weird and passes out… Eve takes her to the basement of her mansion and ties her to a hospital bed.

As Eve is busy doing a checkup on Mamahi, she doesn’t notice the tentacles creeping closer and closer to her. When she notices them it’s already too late, and the tentacles wrap themselves around her until the world goes black for her. Now, the monster is looking for her next victim and the tentacles are moving towards the sleeping Mamahi. When she wakes up, the tentacles are already on her, filling her mouth and her ass. One of them slowly creeps up on her dick and starts sucking on it. More of them come and they start squeezing her boobs too, slowly changing fear to pleasure. They don’t stop until all of her body is covered in cum…

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