HotMILFsFuck Abby – Surprise. I like It A Little Rough

Hot MILFs Fuck Abby Surprise. I like It A Little Rough

HotMILFsFuck Abby Surprise. I like It A Little Rough

New update from HotMILFsFuck is Abby in Surprise. I like It A Little Rough.

Surprise. I like It A Little Rough
Runtime: 01:14:12 | 90 Photos

Meet Abby who’s 31 everyone and for a woman in her thirties she’s got one of the most beautifully pink pussies and perky tits that you would find on any 18 year old. She has no tats, bravo to you on that one girl, and lets keep it that way honey because she doesn’t need a tramp stamp to show she’s a ho. Nope, she’ll come right out and say it and even offers guys blowjobs or sex on the first date and confesses she’s kind of disappointed if she doesn’t do it or give a BJ according to her. And who wouldn’t want to take Abby for a ride on their cock because she’s gorgeous and obviously knows her way around a cock and knows how to please a man. She also states she likes it a little rough at (29:45) and Codey’s more than happy to slap her around a little and show her a rough time. Now I’ll admit this scene starts off slow and you’ll probably wonder at what point will the training wheels come off and will things ever start to heat up. Well they come off and it starts to heat up around (20:15) after she sticks a butt plug up her ass and Codey Face Fucks our lovely while Mr. Black Shirt uses the Magic Wand on her adorable clit and she has the first of three Orgasms of the day. Very hot, and it’s not very long after that while in side spoon butt burger position that O #2 is achieved at (31:53) and this is also were she’s Double Penetrated with Toys for the very first time. Now of course we have her lick Codey’s asshole and rim him because no matter how nice of a guy Codey looks like from the outside, all guys are massive perverts and just having an innocent looking women like Abby lick your ass is a huge turn on. But what precedes her first rimming is something that Abby has always wanted to do and she has her very first ever-squirting orgasm at (43:49) and this girl pisses yellow squirt all over our white sheets. Now I know what your thinking. Is squirting for a girl actual girl cum or is it her pissing? Well let me give you my definition or clarification of this. If a girl is pissing in the toilet, or anywhere else for that matter, and it’s not accompanied by an orgasm then she’s pissing. Conversely, if she has an orgasm while conducting a sexual act, and involuntarily and simultaneously pisses during said orgasm, well then it’s squirting. So why is it sometimes yellow and sometimes clear you ask? Well that depends on how much water she drank obviously, and for all you doubters out there that say squirting isn’t pissing? Spoiler alert, there physically is not a fluid / girl-cum gland up a woman’s vagina that erupts during an orgasm. There just isn’t and all you’re doing is tickling her blander while you have your fingers up her snatch, and since the clitoral nerves extend inside the vaginal walls from the clitoris outside the pussy, all you’re doing is just inducing an orgasm while massaging the bladder and she can’t help put urinate while your inducing an orgasm. Now I’ll admit all girls will say the feeling is completely different than just a clitoral stimulated orgasm and I also understand I’m just a man who doesn’t have a vagina. But I also know enough about a woman’s piping to understand squirting and pissing comes out the same hole for women. Also the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause and Batman don’t exist, but for sure this girl is fun to watch get fucked while she has a small handful of firsts. She also swallows cum and she doesn’t appear to do it very often, which makes it some much hotter I think and yes I agree. The initial interview and post shoot debriefing lacked a certain . . . ummmmmm . . . thoroughness shall I say. So a little mystery is a turn on I’ve also heard and I’ll shut up now. So once again if you made it to the end of this write up I thank you and you’re a fucking rock star. Steve

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