BlackTGirls Shar’Daysha – Baby in Blue

Black TGirls Shar'Daysha Baby in Blue

BlackTGirls Shar’Daysha Baby in Blue

New update from BlackTGirls is Shar’Daysha in Baby in Blue.

Baby in Blue
Runtime: 12:36
Release Date: October 24, 2023

Shar’Daysha returns in a new set from Omar, wearing a tight fitting blue dress that hugs every curve of her body. Her breasts are almost overspilling from the dress and her cock is just peaking out the bottom, making it clear that this is not an outfit one would wear to church. Once in the studio, she frees her playthings and begins to masturbate. Her cock gets harder and thicker, her nipples become stiff and erect and her horniness seems to reach a fever pitch. It’s a nice return shoot for this playful girl, and the pictures are sure to be stunning. See it first on

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