Tieable Luz Luna – Hopping damsel

Tieable Luz Luna Hopping damsel

Tieable Luz Luna Hopping damsel

New update from Tieable is Luz Luna in Hopping damsel.

Hopping damsel
Luz Luna
Runtime: N/A
Release Date: October 8, 2023

Luz Luna is so cute! She looks like a real damsel in distress, with her hands tied behind her back in a complicated knot, and a cloth gag in her mouth. She is determined to get out of her ropes, and stands up to hop to a mirror, in hopes of seeing the back of her bondage and being able to free herself. But even after all the cute hopping around the room, she can’t really get her fingers to any of the knots! Is it hopeless? She begins to panic, but then she remembers that she is not alone. She calls out, and her friends come to her rescue, quickly undoing the knots with their nimble fingers. She is free! With a sigh of relief, she thanks her friends for coming to her rescue. The experience of being tied up was simultaneously terrifying and thrilling, and she is grateful for the help. Yet Another Tieable Luz Luna Porn Update. See it first on UpdatesZ.com

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