WankItNowVR Blonde Gabie – Our Secret

Wank It Now VR Blonde Gabie Our Secret

WankItNowVR Blonde Gabie Our Secret

New update from WankItNowVR is Blonde Gabie in Our Secret.

Our Secret
Blonde Gabie
Runtime: 17:34
Release Date: Oct 25, 2023

Your girlfriend is out for the day and it’s just you and Gabie in the room together. The air is thick with sexual tension, and it’s almost palpable. You can feel it in the air, and you can feel it in your heart. You can’t help but look into each other’s eyes, and you both know that something is about to happen. You can’t keep your eyes off each other, and it’s clear that the attraction is mutual. Suddenly, Gabie moves closer to you, and you can feel your heart racing in anticipation. You can feel the heat radiating off her body, and it’s clear that she’s just as aroused as you are. You can barely keep your hands off each other, and before you know it, you are both WANKING over each other. Your bodies are intertwined, and it feels like nothing else matters. You can feel yourself getting closer and closer to the brink, and it’s clear that your orgasm is imminent. You both let out a loud moan as you finally reach your peak, and the intense pleasure sends shivers down your spine. You both collapse on the bed, completely exhausted but satisfied. You both lay there for a few moments, savoring the moment, before you drift off into a peaceful sleep. See it first on UpdatesZ.com

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